Think Associates was formed in 2004 by Tim Newham, our Managing Director, to help organisations implement and make the most of their employee development processes.

The Think team consists of highly skilled organisational development consultants, HR practitioners, process redesign experts and project managers. We specialise in working with public sector organisations, especially the NHS, and have worked with over 150 large clients including the Department of Health. We’re small enough to be agile, flexible and build lasting relationships with our clients, but large enough to deliver organisation-wide change.

  • We focus on listening to you and understanding your needs, not a one-size fits all approach.
  • We focus on solutions, not endless data collection and report-writing.
  • We focus on the practical stuff that actually works, not theorising and complicated models.
  • We focus on individuals and relationships, not job titles and politics.
  • We focus on benefits and outcomes, not fees and costs.
  • We focus on helping you to do things for yourself, not creating dependency.